Friday, September 26, 2014

I don't believe it!

It was hard for me to believe but I have had a week of unusual abdominal activity.  Last week I did not feel super so just fixed a Quinoa salad and then later we had my daughter's birthday dinner.  That night I had an episode of abdominal cramping, lots of gas and felt nausea. I did not sleep at all and the next day was not feeling well enough to eat, finally broke down and sipped a grape soda, that made me feel better and by the next day, Monday I felt well enough to at least want my coffee.  Felt better until Wednesday when I decided to eat some quinoa and freeze dried vegetables, Wednesday night had another attack, got out of bed, gave myself a small enema and layed on the biomat with a castor oil pack on my tummy and by morning was feeling better but no sleep.  Yesterday I spent most of the day napping with my animals and sipped a bit of grape soda, nothing else by mouth. 
Today I am on the mend and was even able to drink my coffee, have some freeze dried applesauce with cinnamon and honey, on a piece of sprouted toast.  I am however, a bit puzzled that in each instance I consumed Quinoa, it is supposed to be so healthy.  Could be that I was just warned that I had better be more aware of my body and catch it before it happens?  Anyway it is the first time in many, many years that I had a problem with my abdominal area and I do not seek to do it again. Now I have to catch up on my chores...... 

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