Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stomach cramps, Home remedies:

Usually what I am seeing is diagnosed as a virus but most of the people I have talked to “it is very painful cramping in stomach area”.  It does not matter when it is happening, what caused it, you just want to relieve the pain and then you can figure out what caused it.


  • Sip  warm Chamomile or ginger tea
  • Warm castor oil pack to abdomen, a great remedy for lots of stuff so if you do not know how to make a castor oil pack, learn how and use it.
  • Homeopathic:  Belladonna, Mag phos, nux vermica, all these should be in your medicine cabinet at all times so study them and use them, they are inexpensive and do not have expiration date.
  • Rest and relax when possible
  • If you feel the ‘gas’ moving about, take a small enema to relieve the gas. If you do not have an enema bag, those small enemas in plastic bottle will work and you can always use just plain warm water in the bottle.
  • Drink Aloe Vera juice
  • Eat fennel seeds
  • Take an Epson salts bath, or soak your feet in warm Epson salts

You may try several of these because none will have a harmful effect. 

It is so painful and sudden sometimes and you do not have time to think, so if you can make up a little box of this stuff and keep it handy, it may save you a hospital bill and the trauma of going to the ER.  When you feel like it, start sipping on sodas, cocobiotic or other fizzy drink and do not become dehydrated. 

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