Monday, September 1, 2014

It is, Labor Day, a day off for a lot of people and since I take most days, "off", so guess I will be off today. I am listening to some information on my computer because I think that I should always be learning.  Bill Henderson was just telling us how he remembers about grains that contain gluten: BROW, Barley grain, Rye grain, Oats and Wheat.  Most of those have also been genetically modified also.  I also heard a sales pitch about a weight loss website and I took from it what I liked: 5 groups of foods that are good for weight GAIN: concentrated fruit juices, margarine, whole wheat bread, soy, and genetically modified corn.  This was a list of what some people think is healthy and turns out to be bad.  
Have had a beautiful rainy morning and it is going to make everything grow.  
Hopefully, the animals and I will have some human contact today, because it does get lonely when we do not get to hear a human voice. I had my egg breakfast and my 3 cups of coffee and now I need to do some housework: no one really knows how bad I hate housework......   

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