Tuesday, October 28, 2014

just have to get on my soapbox again!

Last week I met with my Hispanic friend who is 79 years old, she wanted me to see her lab work from her doctor.  She said that he kept insisting that she treat her blood sugar.  Remember that this lab work was not done while fasting, if fact it was a couple of hours after her meal.  The reading was 120, normal for even a younger person. She said that he thought that it should be a normal of 100.  That is criminal, in my opinion.  Because many of these elderly people provide a really good income for these physicians who see them for 10-15 minutes, they are given appointments often and told that they need medication.  She said that when he entered the room, without seeing her he remarked, "you are the lady with diabetes".  She tried to tell him that she had never had a problem with diabetes and she was there for her foot problem.  It does no good to tell her not to go back to the doctor because Humana pays 80%.  
I hear stories like this daily and I get so upset.  Don't know why we are so weak that we think a man in a white coat can tell us how to run our lives and mess them up.  He probably has just had a visit with a pharmaceutical sales person who really knows a lot about how gullible we are and has a good sales pitch.   
O.K. I think it is time that I wear yellow glasses so I will be cheerful and have mental clarity, or maybe I need the the green ones for peace love and harmony... what do you think? 

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