Monday, October 13, 2014

Procrastination and distraction

Today I must start cleaning and decluttering but, there is probably a really important e-mal that I must read or a Facebook post, and there is that 'stuff' that I have to research for someone.  Distraction and procrastination can very often keep me from doing something that I just don't like doing; such as cleaning house (decluttering), but I must, I must.
Last week I just brought more stuff into the house and now I must either remove it or remove other stuff to make room for what I added; that is what the books say that I should do and while I am trying to declutter the spiders are making more webs, the dust bunnies are collecting and the dogs are leaving more waste/fur/etc.  It is a rainy gloomy day and I do not want to do anything except read, lie on my biomat and comb my dogs, so why not at the age of 80 do what I like???
Taking my supplements today and a smoothie with added Bio-Energy C and of course, I must have another cup of hot coffee with added organic raw milk......................

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