Monday, October 20, 2014

Day to day living...

I am so disappointed, I tried to save the presentations from and after transferring them to the blog, I cannot see them. 
I have been busy but  really do not seem to accomplish much.  I hope I am helping to change the lives of others for the positive.
I really enjoyed the Saturday night: Dinner with Soul.  the fundraiser for the transitional living shelter, Souls Harbor.  It was very good and of course, it made me happy because I could meet old friends and make new friends.  One lady that sat at our table mentioned a book that her friend had written: The Book of Awesome, I, of course, went to and clicked to get it on my Android/Kindle.  I turned on my infrared biomat, sat on the couch on it and the dogs and I read the book.  I did have to do my farm work first and get my hay covered with a tarp that does not fit. I seem to have to "jenny rig" everything to get it to work.  I am continuing to listen to the "Quest for the cure" on my computer every evening, just wish that everyone would listen to the presentations to learn how to prevent cancer and treat it naturally.  I have on my Kindle a couple of books on treating with H2O2 and I have reread the info for curing chronic disease using H2O2 and also some other kitchen products including Aloe Vera, which I love.   
The huge scare about the Ebola virus has kept me angry.  Two people contacted the virus and are hospitalized, that is what percentage of our population? So everyone is ready to close our borders because 2 people are sick?  How stupid.... It does easily become political in this election year.  I am ready to move to another country. But guess that I need a passport and money to travel.
Had to order more Willards Water, H2O2 and Aloe Vera because I have  used up my supply on my horse, she has somehow torn her ear and it is infected, she does not like me to touch it and she is a lot bigger than I, but I think we are being successful. I do put diatomaceous earth on the food of my goats, my horse, the stray cats and my dogs, to keep then all parasite free and healthy..

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