Friday, October 10, 2014

just wondering

I am perplexed that people will allow themselves to be so self centered that they are unable to get out, meet people, help others and generally get involved in life.  I have been distributing my little book: The Reinvention of You and Me, just hoping that some one will follow some of my suggestions and make a life that will help themselves and others.
Today is very wet, rained all night and I had to almost swim to the barn to feed my farm animals, as I walked out the backdoor into the rain an old dead redbud tree began to slowly fall to the ground. It was like watching a slow motion movie. Not a big tree but the snarled old root system finally could not hold itself together in this wet soggy ground. 
It took me a very long time this morning just to get this old computer open and then it is reluctant to let me type on it, so I just went of QVC and ordered a new laptop for 5 easy payments, my stress levels every day will diminish a lot.  I will probably live several years longer just because I got rid of that stress. I revealed to someone the other day that I would rather go without food than to go without a computer.  So I guess for the next 5 months, I had better eat less and enjoy my computer more.......

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