Monday, August 4, 2014

Just because I want to....

Have been looking for the "law" that proclaims; "you must have certain foods for breakfast, example cereal, eggs, toast, etc." I did not find it but just in case there was one; in secret, I ate green beans, onions, tomatoes, new potatoes and corn on the cob.  I finished off with a bowl of blackberries.  It sometimes feels good to "break the law of tradition". 
Because the last book I read on my Kindle was not good, I have to find something good to add to my books so I went to Amazon and guess what? They had lots of suggestions and would send samples for free.  I now have samples of 4 new books on my Kindle and Android.  I suppose that I should turn the air conditioner down (weather is warmer today) and take a holiday.
My farmer brought me fresh raw milk this morning already and I was in desperate need of my favorite food, raw locally grown cow milk... now can have real cream in my coffee and on my fruit.
I got notice this morning that my webinar with Dr. Kondrot is at noon so I must set up a reminder so I will not forget to  stop and learn..

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