Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A safe place to offer an opinion

I think that this is a safe place to offer my opinion; no one reads my blog!!
Every day I see well meaning physicians killing people and I can do nothing.  If I offer my advice, I will be disliked by family and friends and if I don't I will feel so guilty later on.  It is such a dilemma and I am so troubled about the decisions I make.  I have nieces and friends that at this moment are being murdered by really great doctors. 
On a brighter note, I relistened to Dr. Kondrot's webinar on Micro current and am so pumped by this modality for healing that I must find a way of getting the funds to be trained and purchase the equipment.  I can visualize all the good that could come from the knowledge and ability to use this healing modality.  Need to make a new vision board and change my focus, NOW! 
As I did my morning routine: oil pull and mouth wash with MMS, took supplements, started a new bottle of Liquid Zeolite, drink ASEA and sprayed it on my skin, filled my daily water bottle with structured water that had added Willards Water in it, placed the Zapper on my liver, sat in the fresh breeze and sun to have my coffee, spent time barefoot outdoors, fed, loved and watered my animals, had a few minutes with qigong and meditation (will do more later as I sit on the ground),

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