Friday, August 1, 2014

Moving on slowly

I am so grateful that I have almost finished the floor in my bedroom.  As I was decluttering I realized that my floor in the bedroom was in terrible shape and when Lonna brought home floor tiles, I realized that I had better get to work.  I have completed it excepting where I have to do some really detailed cutting and fitting, I must say that it looks and feels much better and in addition to getting the pleasure of seeing it complete, I have really used some of my muscles and joints that I have not used for a while.  That was my distraction for the week so I did not get a lot of my decluttering done.  My class attendance was very poor and I had decided to quit teaching if I did not have good attendance, but as usual the discussions were so lively that I did not cancel the classes yet. 
My week has been busy so today, I am on vacation, I think.  I think that I will catch up on my reading a bit.  I have to finish a book that a friend gave me last year so I can tell her that I read the "whole" book: I did not find it interesting enough to complete before.
Two days of rain, I hope the sun shines today because cloudy weather does not have a positive effect on me at all.  I do not have much energy today and hope it will improve as the day progresses. When people retire or quit working a 9-5 job it becomes difficult to know when to take a day off or even keep up with the date, I think that every day should be a vacation day.... OOps, I see the sun so I had better start enjoying it...

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