Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Busy staying well

A neighbor I met last year, Don, traded me Kombucha for some fermented veggies yesterday and I am already brewing another batch.  It is really fun to barter for healthy food.
Today, in August, it is so nice and cool that the dogs and I have been out in the sun and fresh air all morning.  So grateful for this ability to get my grounding, sun (vitamin D), and lots of fresh air without any discomfort from August heat.  I found a home for my baby goats on Sunday and am so happy that they have a home where they can love and be loved.  Now I have only the old couple and my old horse, Janet.   I of course have 11 dogs and a couple of cats to love ;me and care for me. 
I spoke with the new director of the Salvation Army shelter via phone yesterday and I am trying to find a way of being of service to those people.  Sometimes a forgotten part of our world and yet they can "make or break" our system.  I have a really messy kitchen so must go inside and get that little problem taken care of. 
I received my order from: yesterday and the ingredients for the anti cancer tea: ESSIAC tea, I need to find another method for getting rid of Doxie Megan's tumor, she will not let me put the Zapper on it.  I made up a gallon of it and will share some in class on Thursday, just so everyone can taste, if they want... I also got new ear drops for the animals and food grade diatomaceous earth for my daughters dogs and yard.  I add it to my animal food as I add Willards water to their water at least twice a week. 

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