Friday, August 15, 2014

Just my opinion

I have been "pondering" with the problem of people who are taking my energy and don't care.  As I do wellness coaching, coaching for healing chronic diseases and life coaching, and do it for donations only.  I find people who I figure out, do not want to be well or just want someone to do everything for them.  I am in the process of deleting them form my life... A. wants me to visit with her, hear her sad tales and then she does not follow through with any advice that I give her.  C. calls me because she is sick (lonely) but will not tell her physician that she needs to be free of medication and healed, not disease managed.  Besides that even though she does not like her doctors; they are paid for by Medicare and they do have to pay attention to her.  Occasionally I see the Chicago baseball and one of the expressions that the TV guys say is: "He gone" when some one strikes out or hits into an out, well that is what I am saying: "She gone"...  I am amazed at haw many people what someone else to make them happy: "If I just had a man (woman), If I had a good friend" etc. etc. A young man with cancer that does not want to be treated with traditional medicine but will start on cleaning up his life, when he begins to feel badly, jut don't understand.  I get tired of explaining to them that only you can make you happy or well.. Anyway, I have brought it on myself and now must take care of it myself...
Enjoyed my class yesterday even though it was very disorganized (2 people one hour late).  Good discussion and I hope some learning took place. I gave samples of my Kombucha and offered green beans from my neighbors garden to anyone who wanted them.  I am "fixin" mine this morning, will have enough for several meals.  I need to make more Kombucha but since I do not drink tea unless it is a wellness tea, I have to purchase some just plain tea bags because the base for Kombucha is unflavored tea, green or black.
I think that the modern language is: just saying........

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