Saturday, August 30, 2014

another detour in life

I must blog, I have never been evicted but this week the owners of my space for my class, made a decision to make another use for their property, so I must change.
I may just decide not to have a class but I know I would miss it and some of the class members would miss it also.  It is not uncommon for me to have detours in life but at the age of 79, it is a bit harder. 
Today, Saturday, I am working on finishing my little book: The Reinvention of YOU and Me. I hope to get it done this coming week.  I am also working on some wellness plans for a couple of people and listening to Dr. Stephen Sinatra's interview with Dr. Mercola. It is so interesting and full of good information.. I also have an extra dog here so need to stick close to home.  I am hoping to have a short visit from Lonna today so that I will have a bit of human contact, so important to my mental health.  I also have a couple of baseball games on TV to watch.
There is a need for me to meditate and ponder upon my need for a classroom.

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