Sunday, August 17, 2014

going down memory lane plus

As I drink my coffee from a nice China mug, I remember how my sister and I would see who could find the most elegant thin lipped mug to drink from.  If you do the ritual every day, you should make it as celebratory as possible.  When I talk about good food and drink, I hear the stories about being "allergic", I can't believe anyone would do without good food and drink when remedies are so close at hand.  If my body tells me that something is not agreeable with me, I just get my little kit out and eliminate the problem.  Frequently sensitivities  do occur because of the toxic stuff in our air, water and food but they can be eliminated.  The only problem should be the problem of GMO, genetically modified, if man does it with chemicals, it is not food.
Many people will say but you have this, etc... I have nothing that is not available to everyone.  I dig up information all the time, take classes, learn from others, etc. and that is available to each and every one of us. 
As I change the cover on my couch for my dogs, I think of my sister, Jimmie, I place her quilts around my house and on my couch to remember her and how she was "murdered" by the medical world, at her request.  I remember my sister Frankie as I drink my coffee each morning and therefore I start my day pleasantly.  My coffee this morning comes from Airship Coffee in Bentonville, AR. it is organically grown in Nicaragua, picked and bought here for special care and roasting by Airship Coffee.  Very nice people..  Very good coffee.
I really an grateful for my daughter, Lonna for taking me to the Farmers Market and then to my favorite dairy, Lomah, for my raw milk so I can feel really special this morning as I place that really good raw cream in my coffee.  My friend Carolyn McClain needs to come have coffee with me as she adores that extra taste of real cream..
The weather will get hot today but now it is very pleasant.  My 11 furry little four legged children and I have been outdoors with feet on the ground, meditating and enjoying this beautiful breeze and sun..

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