Saturday, June 19, 2010

I HAVE A NEW BABY PYGMY GOAT! She is so cute and I will post a picture later today. My garden is growing, my free range chickens are growing, the weeds are growing, I got my lawn mowed, my new book has been shipped, so I guess I should be very happy.

I am listening to a replay of a David Wolf audio, recorded yesterday, I was disturbed by the animals when I was listening so have to hear it again today. He is discussing all the new properties of Astragulas and other Chinese herbs. Discussing how terrible stress is for your life and I have to find a way of relieving some of my stress by getting rid of some of these dogs, wish someone could find a home for these pug mixes and the cocker spaniel. I would also welcome a home for the corgi/doxie mix, she needs to be in a home where she is appreciated. He also is talking about Clint Ober's book, "Grounding" you can get it on I have really learned from it.

I got my Kefir grains but have to wait for my raw milk to get it started. I think Lonna will go pick up raw milk for me tomorrow. It has been a while since I had Kefir, I let mine go bad a while back. When I start using it, I will probably become 'wonder woman'.

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