Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dixie and Xena came to stay a few days and brought their little foster sister, Miss Pearl, a special needs poodle. I am posting her picture, she is cute. Dixie is much better behaved now and so with 5 extra dogs it keeps me hopping but I am not angry all the time like I used to be when Dixie came to stay. I had to order more dog shampoo with Neem oil because many of my little dogs have itchy skin, especially the Lhasa and poms. When the little poodle, Miss Pearl, got here she was full of fleas and had to be 'defleaed' and bathed. She had run away from home when a firecracker went off in the neighborhood so had been lost for a few days. The fleas left lots of big bites on her so I am treating them too. So busy with dogs I am not getting much reading done or research, did work on some research on magnesium and DHEA.

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