Monday, June 14, 2010

I got my DVDs of the Longevity Conference and have been listening all the time, I keep learning more and I think my brain is in overload. All the experts agree that they have had healing of MS and the methods include walking barefoot taking lots of minerals, taking vitamin D supplements to build your lab teat to 75, eat as much raw food as possible, eating fermented vegetables, taking lots of probiotics, and eating cacao and coconut. First you need to detox. Also had an hour of osteo problems and healing. They also remined me that most people who have fluoride in their water, are hypothyroid and need to eat lots of kelp. It rained on my garden this morning so it will grow faster, I have green onions and tomatoes and will soon have green beans, etc. My 9 young chickens decided that "free range" meant they could get all the bugs and grass seeds from my front yard and loved getting under the deck for shade when they were getting that mid day sun. They will soon be too big to get through the fence and I am trying to get chicken wire all around the barnlot, they will hate that.

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