Thursday, June 24, 2010

I got my proof of my new book and approved it, it may take a few days to get on but it will be soon and I have ordered a supply will probably have them in a couple of weeks. "Mema's Daily Wellness Walk" has a few errors but basically correct.

I had a great evening watching my Cards play baseball and listening to a webinar by one of my very favorite people, Donna Eden. I am replaying it this morning. Everyone should go to and watch some of her videos. or Google her. I do her energy routines daily and her lymph flush every morning. She is in her 60s, when she was a young person she had TB, MS and became allergic to almost everything so learned to heal herself with her body's own energy after all the medical doctors gave up on her. I use her book, her audios, her videos and take advantage of listening to her when possible.

Hope it rains today, there is a small chance, I get tired of watering my garden, I do have tomatoes to pick this morning and I do not know what to do with all the olives I have on my olive trees: I don't like them, the birds seem to and they are kinda pretty, black on the little green trees.

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