Monday, June 28, 2010

Will have new copies of my 2nd book soon; "Mema's Daily Wellness Walk" is on the market! I will have copies soon. I got the needed rain last night but am not sure it was enough, at least it is cool today and I can have the front door open. I tried to get some more reading done last night but my little 'storm dogs' were huddled too close, I know what I am going to have during all the fireworks, dogs scared to death all the time. I can't imagine how fire works are of any value to anyone excepting as a public celebration. It is terrible that we have to endure them for a month. Dixie and Xena will be here for a few days so I will need to spend more time with the dogs but a good excuse to do no housecleaning, since every inch of the floor will be covered with dogs. We will spend a lot of time outdoors, weather permitting. I am trying to repair my DNA today, listening to music in certain frequencies. The piece I am listening to now is for spiritual reawakening and miracles, I need that!

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