Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still raining and my yard is half mowed, will have to start over when the rain lets up.

Listened to Nancy Appleton last night on 'licking the sugar addiction', I have her books so no really new information but it did bring some of the info to my brain's 'desktop'. I also watched my Cardinals win at the same time. Trying to make up for all my time at the computer and watching the game, I spent a lot of time on the rebounder. I ate some of my Farmers Market produce yesterday; green beans, garlic, new onions and new fingerling potatoes. Very good, of course had blueberries too. My new book will be on Amazon.com soon, they are sending me a book for approval. I made a mistake last week, found a book I wanted on Kindle for just $7 so I hit the buy button and when it came to my Kindle a few minutes later it was in Spanish, now all I have to do is learn Spanish so I will not waste my money.

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