Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Went out early to do all the farm work and spread the diatomacious earth so that no fly larva lives, I hate flies. June Bug, the little baby goat, is up a running in the barn lot and all the animals have accepted her as one of theirs, I wish people were as accepting as animals. I started reading another book on my Kindle yesterday while I watched the Cardinals play baseball, "Awakening to the Secret Code of Life" and am also reading "Healthy at 100". I also found an Arkansas writer of Civil War novels with the help of my cousin, DeMona, I looked her up, read a sample of her books and became her friend on Facebook. She is very interesting. I have to find out now if any of her books are on Kindle.

I am listening to a recording of a medical intuition specialist and it is very interesting, possibly because I like to learn new and interesting things. Caroline Southerland is very interesting to listen to and my mind is open for new and helpful "stuff" I am going to do more research and learn all I can.

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