Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Once again I let "time get away" from me and have not blogged. Have extra dogs this week because of the holiday. I am also doing a lot of research on a new healing modality @ Hawkins Wellness center. I do like being an "investigator" and leaning. I an grateful that I was able to hear a webinar by Dr. Norm Shealy yesterday evening and will re listen this morning. I spent some time yesterday at the Hawkins Wellness Center getting things ready for Dr. Bernadine on Thursday as she will see some people for me and assist them in their quest for healing. Hopeful that I can learn from her also.
I am grateful that I can have my doors open this morning for the fresh air. I just had to pause and do some dog massage and combing; everyone got impatient with me and needed it immediately. Telephone conversation with my friend Joanne last evening, always love speaking with her. I am grateful for the full day I have planned today and wonder how much unplanned stuff will come about. Just hope for a productive day.

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