Saturday, August 13, 2011

I have been so busy that I have not blogged for several days, what a shame, or is it, for an old mema like me to be busy; "it's a good thing" as Martha Stewart would say. I am very grateful for my ability to be ACTIVE. I did do some visiting with my friend Pat who is in the nursing home to rehab and took her out yesterday for the afternoon, of course, we went to Hawkins Wellness for a biomat and detox, she loved it and so did I. i also picked up a new dog yesterday; mom can no longer keep her. She is a really cute and active Cooker Spaniel and I am falling in love with her so somebody better find a home for her or she will me Number 13; that is not a good number. I visited the Lifelong Learning Center also this week for my "reboot" of what is going on at that great place.
Just gotta stay home today to finish the wash, I have been hanging the clothes out and they get re-wet with rains and then it is rewash time. That is not good time management!

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