Friday, August 26, 2011

I am so grateful for the beautiful day, the animals and I are very happy with such nice weather. Had a great time with Dr. Bernadine yesterday afternoon and had learned some new things, met some new people and helped a few a long the way, I hope. Missed a friend's art show because time just ran out. Also missed a class at Lifelong learning Center but time will tell whether or not I made the correct decisions, you never know. Today I will go back to the Hawkins Wellness center to meet a friend of Tania's, so another full day to be grateful for my wellness and ability to move about and do a bit of good and meet good people.
My friend Pat got home from rehab and seems to be doing ok, she, Penny and I will go to see Dr. Bernadine on Thursday and get her wellness program going. I started on a new Enzyme program today and I will do some more research on it before I start recommending it to others.

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