Friday, August 19, 2011

I have been meeting and greeting people from a booth at the Benton County Fair, promoting John Hawkins Wellness Center, Lifelong Learning Center and my books. Met lots of people and have given away as many books as I have sold but hope I have encouraged lots of people to "get well and stay well". Most of the men who pass the booth are going to be visiting a Cardiologist or having heart surgery in a few years and it is so unnecessary, when I see that belly hanging out over the belt my thoughts are always about disease and heart disease in particular. Of course lots of "big" women too but the young men that could change their lives, I cry for them.
It has been so hot and there is no air conditioning, just a few fans so I have to drink lots of healthy water, if I don't have my food with me, all the food for sale is very unhealthy. Anyway I love meeting people and there are good people everywhere. Today I am going in a little late because 12 hours is a long time to be up and doing, Jerray is going early and I am staying late.

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