Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just had to mow the yard today, all that promised to do it, did not show up so here goes....I mowed about half this morning but the grass is so tall, I have to stop for a while.
Visited with my friend Pat yesterday and left my laptop with her so she could pick up e-mails, etc. Met Ellen over at Hawkins Wellness and visited with my friend Carol on the way home. Ball games last night were terrible so did not enjoy that part of my day.
I was so grateful to drive home in the rain, so nice. I had a phone conversation with my grandson last night because Monday was his first day of college, he is such a great kid. Also spoke with my friend, Dr. Bernadine on the phone about some holistic treatments and am sending books to a friend of hers, I love it when someone actually wants my books. Gotta go get cat and dog food today, don't want the animals to starve.....probably ought to shower first because my mowing was not cool...

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