Thursday, August 25, 2011

another very bad night for baseball, I follow about 5 teams and Seattle was the only one that won!! Maybe I need to make a decision not to watch MLB on the TV. My friend Pat will go home from rehab today and I will have farther to travel now to see her, lots of gas and time. I will meet Dr. Bernadine over at Hawkins wellness today and do some more learning, between all these holistic people and my internet, I will be really full of knowledge/wisdom, I hope. This morning I am so grateful that it feels like the fall season, I might even get the rest of my yard mowed?? It was very difficult mowing yesterday. I am going to miss Tania's art show tonight because of Dr. Bernadine's visit but I will see Tania on Friday. Today I must tell Lifelong learning Center when my class will be in the last quarter of the year. I have been researching Intenzyme Forte and Olive Gold 03 and learning some amazing info. Must get busy and massage all these animals so they will continue to love me......

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