Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It rained last night and the morning is cooler, I am so grateful for the rain and the cooler morning. I visited Pat yesterday and then went to John's for the biomat and foot detox; feel so much better. I also visited with my friend Carol. I had a full day of socialization and now I must catch up with regular duties. When I got my book ready to upload, too many pages so I have to start cutting out "stuff". If a book is big, no one will read it so I did cut a lot of info, will have John start previewing it as soon as I get enough ink to get it printed for review. Today I have to take a laptop to Pat for a few hours and go meet Ellen @ John's place. I will catch up with housework later......Gotta get my wash out on the line, the stuff I had on the line last evening got wet again and some blew off the line; must redo.

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