Monday, August 15, 2011

My little Cocker will have a new home on Tuesday. Diane Humphrey's daughter will come get her. She is doing very well and is so easy to love. I am happy that someone will make her happy the rest of her life; I have too many to give them lots of attention. They are all "spoiled rotten dogs". We were out in the back yard running, playing and watching Janet the old mare and Jessie the old pygmy billy goat, sparing and playing together. Those two are so attached to each other and have so much fun, it is hard to believe that a great big mare and a little billy goat could enjoy one another so much, if I find a home for my farm animals, those two will have to stay togethcr.
It is so beautiful outdoors today that I am tempted to spend the day out under my old snarled trees and just enjoy, but I do have to get some production; my upbringing requires that I accomplish something meaningful every day. Must get busy......

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