Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another day in which none of my baseball teams won; just gotta quit watching..I forgot to get canned cat food yesterday and the dry food just did not please Nellie and Sophia at all; really do have to go to the grocery store this morning. Rambo and Lela will come today and we will enjoy them; their mother does pay me and I appreciate the funds. I have been a bit disappointed in people lately because they do not appreciate my care of their animals I have got to investigate and find out why I let people take advantage of me. Something is making me allow it to happen. Will get a new puppy for a few days on Wednesday and expect more because of the holiday; some people think of their pets only when they get ready to walk out the door for a holiday. All the girls have a house and animals to stay with during the long week end. Lonna may have promised my home to another dog for rescue, don't know when or how to stop that from happening. I am grateful for the animal friends I have and do not need any more. I regret that this was not a very positive blog; just do not feel very positive today, maybe tomorrow or later today....

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