Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grateful for another great day!

Busy yesterday but did not seem to accomplish anything great. I went to visit Pat and take my laptop for her to work on, it took forever to get the facility wifi code but finally did get into the internet. I then went to visit John and Jeri and have my biomat and detox; feel much better now.
Monroe and Quincy came this morning and after a time of running, playing and greeting, they are napping. There was a nice breeze when we were playing outdoors, felt good. So dry that everything has turned to a fine dust, and the dogs allow the dust to come indoors so nothing stays clean.
Listened to a very good interview on the internet concerning some super supplements and telenase, really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I have afternoon baseball games so will do a bit of relaxing and rebounding this afternoon while I watch my games on TV.

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