Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Started a brand new week yesterday and it was just great, on Sunday afternoon John, Jerray and I went to Missouri to meet Bernadine Paull and Charley so we could learn more holistic modalities in order to help people become well. It was such a great experience and yesterday evening they came to Hawkins Wellness so we could exchange more wisdom.
Yesterday morning I went to the Lifelong learning center then to see my friend Pat in the Nursing Home, she will be leaving on Thursday. We knew that she would leave this week because the system has milked all the money they can from her and medicare so they will discharge her. Such a racket; greed at its very best. We will then start getting her well. I will take the laptop to her today so she can catch up on e-mails, etc.
My neighbor who has an automobile service shop picked up my car yesterday morning early and gave it all the care it needed; a really great man.
Tomorrow I will blog about some out of town vendors at the fair, I did meet some really nice people and I will tell you about some of them later on this blog. Now my animals are lined up for some massage therapy and I also need to get busy, going to take the laptop to Pat and them meeting Ellen at Hawkins Wellness. A great day that I am really grateful for.....

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