Saturday, September 3, 2011

I do not need a shredder, Gormer takes care of all paper, cardboard and plastic; shredding it into small bits and throwing them into the air. He certainly knows how to spend his downtime, does not waste a miunte! Lonna is going to bring me another small dog today; he will live with us unless we can find a home for him. Gormer is here through Tuesday and I know we will all get plenty of exercise until then. He is resting now but has his eyes open, just in case I move from the chair. We did spend a lot of time outdoors this morning but the animals out side get tired of my friend Gomer pretty quickly, the goats keep their horns ready for action. I have to replenish all food stocks; cats, dogs, goats, horses, etc. today or tomorrow. I have books packaged ready to send through the mail and remembered that until Tuesday, I cannot mail them off. It is almost 11 am and I think I have already completed a days work, started too early so energies are slowing quickly. Two loads of wash have already been hung and another washer is started. Gomer is getting restless so we will go out and torment the goats a bit......

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