Sunday, September 4, 2011

The new dog needs a new home. Cherokee is a little female, color of a German Shepherd and size of a Corgi. She is very friendly and loves to play. She will stay with me until she finds a home. i had a great adventure day yesterday, I was having "fun" with Gomer when Cherokee came and became a part of the animal kingdom then got a call from Dr. Bernadine that she and Nancy wanted to take me on an adventure so Lonna and Jill came and stayed with myanimals and I met them @ hawkins wellness to start an adventure. We went to the natural springs in Rogers and filled jugs with wonderful water. I even walked down stream barefoot; so great and then I was taken out to eat.We had wonderful conversation and all in all the day was great. I did get to watch some ball games and listen to the Razorbacks on the radio. I am posting a picture of Cherokee in hopes of finding a new home for her.

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