Friday, September 2, 2011

You must meet Gomer, a huge black lab puppy who is sleeping over at Memas for the holiday. He is really enjoying the whole house and the entire back yard. His tail can sweep everything from table tops, etc. in a second. He is great and is having fun. Yesterday was a great day, Dr. Bernadine Paull was at John Hawkins Wellness Center yesterday and consulted with Pat and Penny. At the same time Ann and I learned from her and she also had a mini workshop for John and Jerray. It was great. I also met with my friend Ellen. I am so grateful that each person who enters my life, enriches it. God lays bread crumbs along a path to lead me to great people. Sometimes the puzzle pieces do not fit at the time but soon I find that the fit is perfect and a segment of my life fits together. I must "labor" today to make up for my fun yesterday and keep searching for new bread crumbs God has sprinkled on my "life path", they are probably just beyond that little hill filled with sharp stones. My farm animals had a feast because my neighbor processed their corn yesterday and put the shucks and left overs in the back yard, so great for the goats and horses. Good recyclying!!

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