Monday, September 5, 2011

I just wrote a whole blog and it disappeared down some black hole...I know that someone out there needs, Cherokee, she is waiting to go to a new home.  When I saw that it was labor day, I decided to labor; everyone is fed, exercised, clothes on the line, another wash in the machine and I have bathed 6 dogs.  Gomer was a big help?? He is now playing toss with the wet towels in the bathroom and Cherokee is assisting him, willingly.  He just found a piece of paper that had not be shredded and proceeded to do his job and make it into very small pieces.  I am so grateful that the weather is so nice today and I have the house opened up for fresh air, yesterday and today.  Gomer, the big lab, smells like coffee because everytime I get a cup of coffee he runs over me so half is spilled on him and he does not mind at all,  He missed class the day we were taught that two things cannot occupy the same space...I have to start laboring again; 6 more dogs to groom.......

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