Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lonna took Jill out for dinner last night and invited me to go, wonderful food but not my choice because it costs lots of money....too rich for my blood and now I need to detox because it takes so long to get served; I had to fill up on white bread, white bread is not good for me at all. I had just read an article about all the bad stuff in processed foods so even though it was a pleasant dinner, I did not feel good about eating it. I am so grateful that my sister, Frankie, came through her heart procedure yesterday and is doing well. 
Thinking about the problem made me more aware of taking my supplements this morning and adding a bit more Salba to my egg.  I downloaded Dr. Russell Blaylock's new book on my Kindle yesterday and also found a couple of new websites to investigate; all in all a very productive day......Dogs are ready for their massage and wash is ready for the clothesline...

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