Saturday, September 10, 2011

I will bet that secretly a lot of those "911" families are as tired of the "celebration" every year as I am.  I cannot imagine how the media can promote it all week and I will be so happy to just leave it be....It happened but lots of other tradgies happen too (child abuse, drunk drivers killing people and people being made slaves, etc.) and we do not rehash them every year even every day...
I went to a catholic women's meeting yesterday to hear Charlie speak and it was really refreshing; meeting new people and seeing friends.  He spoke about the work he did with Mother Teresa and it was really interesting and revealing about the poor and the sick all over the world. 
I spent a lot of time learning some new energy techniques for healing and also listened to some webinars.  I am listening to one now as I write.  It is cool and cloudy this morning so my coffee "feels' so good. I am so grateful that I have the luxury of spending quiet time every moring with my "cup of coffee". 

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