Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool, Cool fall weather...

Gomer and I are awaiting a call from his parents telling us that they are home.  He has run out of stuff to shred, even has the waste baskets empty.  This morning we almost occupied the same space going down the deck steps and he is so happy and playful.  I am in need of an infrared biomat session this morning because he thought that ten dogs and I could give him half of the bed last night, with his huge head on my chest.  Today is my granddaughter, Molly's birthday.  She is at college so will have to celebrate when she is home next. 
The weather is cool this morning and the sun is shining; gonna be a wonderful day.  After giving baths to all the dogs yesterday, they will spend today rolling about in the dirt to replace the stuff I washed away. Since I do not get a pay check, I can imagine that by giving all those baths, I earned over $200. That is a lot of money!

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