Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning, it is a beautiful day for which I am grateful.  I took Gomer home yesterday morning so the house is much quieter and safe to walk about. He is such a great puppy but sooooo busy. If I am looking for Cherokee, I just look down, she is always at my feet.
i spent some time at the Hawkins Wellness Center and re-imprinted my little energy vial so I can have an energy filled week. I met some more people and also learned some new things. I had to go online and order some of the supplements that I need and also spoke with Createspace concerning the making of my books into Kindle editions.
I am going to spend some time out doing yard work today but have to do some indoor cleaning of the paper, cardboard and plastic, Gomer shreded for me yesterday before he left.
It is necessary for me to do some dog care; everyone is standing in line....

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