Friday, September 16, 2011

Spent most of yesterday in Hawkins Wellness Center and met with Dr. Bernadine and Charlie. It is now feeling like football weather and I almost felt like putting on my shoes this morning.  A little cool rain this morning also so the farm animals want to be near the barn.  I have just finished massaging the dogs and everyone is sleeping as I listen to a webinar and finish the wash; will have to dry indoors today because there is no natural sun today. I will spend the day catching up on every day duties and doing an inventory of my life for some time of re evaluation, etc. I will also do some research on some info, my webinar suggested that I spend the day listening unstead of reacting, that may be a good idea.  My little "sailboat in life" is rocking a bit and I need to get it to sail along more smoothly. 
The clothes are ready for the dryer so must start my chores......

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