Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am so sad about the way Benton County treats people whether you are guilty or not guilty.  After building a huge expensive building to house prisoners with a big kitchen, they are fed cold food, no fruits or veggies, no whole grains and are kept there for month after month without sunshine, exercise, supplements, healthy food or human contact.  I think they would be better off in a foreign country.
I did make it home after visiting the jail and did not see one friendly face with the exception of Eric the young man who seems so, so young, that we visited for thirty minutes, through a window and a very bad phone, could hardly hear anything he said unless you were very intent.  I was almost easier to read his lips. 
The employees there seem to think it is not ok to smile or be friendly at all, I did not see a smile or hear a friendly word the entire time we were there checking in, waiting, waiting and waiting.  Even though the appointment has to be made ahead of time, we were made to wait another 30 minutes before they brought him to the window. 
If you know anyone who could be an advocate for this men and women, yes even though they are jailed they are human.  I do think we need a whole new system because if you don't want someone to be a criminal you do not treat them like criminals until they have been proven to be a criminal.  If someone is starved of vitamins, minerals, exercise, good food, friendly people and sunshine, nothing in their body mind or spirit will work correctly.  I worry about what our JUST system is doing to good people.
Sorry I have to rant so long....I will keep rambling about this....

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