Saturday, November 12, 2011

I have been trying to write more fiction so started a little story this morning:

Why not me

Nellie was coming upon her birthday, a very important birthday, one that she had dreaded for many years.  She could hardly open her mouth to say the big number. Quickly she whispered; “fffiiifffttty” and gazed off into the distance.   Could it be that she had reached this midlife pinnacle and still not successful?  Could it be that the numbers kept adding up and her achievements were few?

She was watching Oprah on TV and the group of very successful (at least they said they were successful) looked so smart and told the audience smugly that it was easy, just to meditate on their wants and needs and the universe would hand it to you.  Anyway they called it “the secret” and is was available to everyone. “Why not me?” Nancy exclaimed loudly into the Television set.

The lottery amount was getting larger and larger, the numbers would be called on Friday evening. Again, she asked, “Why not me”? She had gone to the quick market and bought a ticket, not once but twice and she could make good use of the money, in fact, she needed it more than anyone else she knew. She had already made a list of the things she would purchase and in the order in which she would purchase them.  She had the positive attitude that she needed and there was no reason on earth that she could not win the lottery!

Friday the work day was hard and very stressful but Nellie could tolerate it only because she was going to win the lottery that night, she kept fingering the ticket in her pocket all day and even mentally added to her lists of purchases she would make, when she won. The morning had started on such a bad note, woke up late, very little time for a cup of coffee and no time for a breakfast.  The hair dryer would not blow so she had to go to work with wet hair.  It was in Nellie’s plans to iron her clothing before she went to work but since there was no time, she had to wear wrinkled clothing to work and imagined that everyone was looking at her, thinking that she had “had a bad night out”.  She tried to smile at everyone but it was a forced smile.  She grabbed some money and went to the vending machine for a cinnamon roll for breakfast but when she placed her money into the machine, it locked up and no cinnamon roll rolled out. She was very dejected when she returned to her desk, luck was on her side because she had a very sad looking apple in her desk drawer, it was very difficult to bite into and as she did an old dental filling dropped into her lap.  As she thought of her day so far, she remembered the little book, “Alexander and the no good very bad day”. In the book Alexander was going to solve the problem by moving to Australia.  Nellie said, under her breath, “I can go to Australia when I win the lottery.”

At the end of Nellie’s, no good very bad day, she hurried home to find a bit of food that she could eat with a broken tooth as she watched them pull the numbers for the lottery. She placed her key in the car; no sounds came, in her hurry to get to the office she had left her lights on and now her battery was dead. Instead of saying; “why not me” she said, loudly, “Why Me”.  She felt very tired and stressed out when she found a friend in the parking lot who would get her automobile started and she was soon on her way home.  No time for supper because she was ready to watch TV to hear it when her numbers were called, when she won the lottery.  She grabbed a quick sandwich and sat down very heavily in her recliner to listen for the lottery numbers.  It seemed like hours even though just minutes before they began to call the number for the winning lottery ticket. She could hardly breathe as they started rolling out the numbers 27, 8, 6, 99…. That was as far as she listened, there was no 99 on her ticket. She felt as if she were a balloon that deflated. “Why oh why not me”, she said loudly.

She was so tired she immediately dressed for bed and as she drifted off to sleep; she remembered that she had listened to the people on Oprah so she could use The Secret and the universe would give her that six figured check and of course her name was in the publisher’s clearing house…..

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