Friday, November 25, 2011

Between the times of dodging big dogs and keeping everyone happy, I have been working on trying to help Eric get out of jail.  Gomer missed dog school when they taught, "2 objects cannot occupy the same space", so I have almost been on the floor/ground many times.  Since he is the larger of the two of us, he has an advantage of occupying the space.  I do have a small window of quiet time while everyone is chewing their bones but that is not a large window. Even Dixie is tired of Gomer,how can that be sine only a few months ago she was almost identical to him. Xena was able to keep me up a good deal of the night, just barking, for attention, I think, wish I could read her mind as easily as I can read Dixie's mind. I think I need a cattle prod, the ones I used to see them use at the salebarn. I have taught Gomer to 'sit' but that lasts about 5 seconds...very small attention span..Makes me think of Billy Ball from nursery school some 50 years ago also one of my favorites, Mike O'Hara... Such memories.
  Lonna was here for me to spend a couple of hours having Thanksgiving with the rest of the family, Penny fixed a great meal.
Loved CNN Hero's show last night and went into the website to vote on a couple, good thing I have at least 2 e-mail addresses because I could not decide which of two to vote for. Winners will be on the December 10 show.  I have to mark that on my calendar..

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