Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gas in the Tank

As I filled, no not filled but put some gas in my tank I thought right away how I hate putting gas in my car, not for just paying but I used to drive miles to get someone else to handle that little job.  The gas fumes linger with me for hours, all those germs on the handle (I forgot my gloves) and I just plain don't like it. Of course, I remember that I had someone else put gas in the tank, wipe my windshield, check my antifreeze, and check my oil....and it only cost me .19 cents a gallon.  So much for the memories...
I did get into town yesterday and have an early dinner with my friends Bernadine and Charlie.  Jill also joined us at Buds.  I had a nice visit with my friend Carol and all in all it was a nice afternoon.  Did not get to relax during the night because my "storm dogs" let me know that the weather was acting up and they needed love and protection.
I feel as if I am Noah today because there is water, water, water everywhere and my house is full of four legged creatures that do not want to get their paws wet.  I wonder how Mrs. Noah handled all that pee and poop? 
Now is the time for all good men.....maybe that is not the right statement.  Now is the time for me to be flexible, caring and tolerant, not that I am always caring and tolerant, just have to be more so...
At this point I am letting "sleeping dogs lie", while I have a bit of fun at the computer and have a great cup of coffee and listen to the webinar I missed yesterday.  I am grateful for all those great animals and don't know why I allow people to act as if my animals are not important.  Four of the cats were in the house this morning to be fed because of the weather, only Janie remained out doors because she is still too shy to come into a house with a dozen barking, sniffing dogs.  How would you feel coming into such a household?
I have my writing class today and will have the opportunity to touch lives and let other lives touch my life.
Wow, I reached a goal "NO MISPELLINGS"!!

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