Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last night Xena and Dixie went home, I will bet that Dixie will sleep for a week; she was so tired of playing with Gomer.  Gomer slept better last night and Zoey will be leaving this morning.  Everyone is chewing on bones this morning and relaxing in front of the little electric fireplace. Three little ones are in my lap as I try to write.  Getting all the blankets, quilts and towels washed this morning so they can all have clean 'stuff' to cuddle in, on the floor and on the couch.
I ordered a couple of kindle books that were on my wish list; only $3 so thought I could afford them.  One book of reversing heart disease and one to improve my thinking....maybe when Gomer goes home I can read them as I lay on my little biomat.  Lonna picked up some fresh veggies and fruits for me yesterday so I can return to a better nutrition program after a few days of terrible eating.  I need to get busy  but Gomer has been quiet for about 10 minutes and I hate to disturb him.........

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