Monday, November 28, 2011

And Suddenly the house is quiet, Gomer just left and all 12 of my little dogs are so relieved. Everyone has been fed and combed; now napping.  The sun has begun to shine so went to let my livestock into the back yard, they all looked into the yard to see that Gomer was gone before they walked through the gate.  The cats are once again roaming throughout the house and "all is well with the world". I am grateful that Gomer came to teach me more flexibility and patience.
I have already spend some time looking through document on Eric sent to me by CC and am amazed with the info I got.  As I get new leads, I will keep working for him. 
I did some reading last night from the books of Dr. McDougall, I learned from him many years ago from his books and his tapes.  I don't think a lot of his instructions about diet will work now because he really loves using a lot of whole grains in his nutrition program. Because of the GMOs that have come since that time I believe he should do some rethinking.  Wheat, corn and soy have almost all been genetically modified and are really poison at this time.  Labels can be so deceiving that even in the Natural Food markets some shelves are loaded with gmo products.
I am putting together my toy baskets so that Lonna and I can pass out gifts to the people in the free food line tomorrow at First Christian Church in Rogers.  Sounds like it will be cold so will dress warmly.  We will do it every Tuesday morning until Christmas.  Should be able to touch about 400 families.

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