Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is going to be another ME day, I will have livestream on my computer of the celebrations of the opening of crystal bridges museum, streaming from the Bentonville square. I will pause for 20 minutes @ 11:11 Am for a meditation with my Qigong Master.  I am drinking my coffee from my Crystal Bridges coffee mug, was a bit cool when I went out barefoot this morning but if the wind dies down a bit it will be a beautiful day.  I am now listening to a webinar replay on the computer and I am learning a bit.  As usual the washer is going, the animals have been fed and are all relaxing and the historical day of ll/ll/ll is here.
I ate poorly yesterday so must call my "healthy lifestyle priest" and get back on tract....hey, that's me; I am my own Master... will have to be a better person today.  I am ultimately responsible for my actions and have to answer for them.
I am ready to hang out the wash so gotta get busy with my life....

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