Sunday, November 13, 2011

Looks great outdoors but the wind can almost blow me away, I would be gone if I weighed less!! The sun is beautiful, the people who rake leaves are really becoming stressed out, not bothering me a bit. 
I am continuing to write on my fiction story and am listening to some webinars.  Animals are fed and sleeping, wash is going; don't think I will try to hang wash on the line, too, too, windy.
Oh No, I have to get up and move the bag of horse food, last night did not get it any farther than just inside the door, if I leave it there Mac the pug will mark it using it for a pee post, don't know why he has such a bad habit but it makes me aware of not leaving a bag on the floor.  I will get it moved, pronto...
Wonder why all three of the football games I like are all playing at the same time; Cowboys, Chiefs and St. Louis.  I guess I will sit with the remote; is not that a great invention?  so much easier that having to walk over and change channels at each commercial or time out. What a chore that was..I am so spoiled and pampered..

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