Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winter weather for today...

Cool and damp; when the rain stops and the water starts to fade away, my work begins.  Lots of rugs, towels and floor to wash, the little dirty, muddy paws have left their mark.  Washer is going, all the animals are fed and I have had my smoothie and hot cup of coffee.  I am listening to Donna Gates, the greatest expert on nutrition in my world.  Her webinar was last night so I am replaying this morning and will probably replay many times because her information is so good.
I am having lots of calls for the girls to visit and stay with animals over the holidays, and a few calls for Mema's Sleepover.  I am happy my cell phone is working because of the calls from pet clients. 
I ordered a sample of a supplement that might be a good daily drink for me or one of the family; read all the ingredients but many of ingredients did not state how much of each thing, such as Co Enzyme Q10, gogi berry etc.  I  really focus on amounts of super foods, minerals and vitamins in each supplement that I add to my nutrition program.  Then I have to decide if the cost is a good use of my money.
When I awakened to the cold air this morning, I had to put on my shoes and also don a jacket but I remember when I was a little girl and had to go to barn and milk cows and feed all the livestock before I got dressed for school.  My oh my, how I longed to sleep-in, just one morning and I set a goal all the time just to get to be an adult so I would never have to get up early; I am now 77 years old and am still working on that goal.  I think of the elderly that "get" to lay in bed and I think my life is better than theirs.  I guess God knows what is best for me, but how about, just one morning, can't He be a little more flexible?

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